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By providing you with whatever you need, whenever you need it, we strive to help you to provide excellent service to your clients. We believe that by helping you to grow your business, we will in turn grow ours.

Backed by Proven Scientific Expertise at our parent company, STAR Inc.

STAR Seal of Ohio gives you access to the latest developments and advances in pavement maintenance products and application technologies. Visit theSTAR, INC. website.

The Quality of your Company is Only as Good as Your Last Job...

They say that "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". Every successful business owner knows that this is true and with our STAR Seal line of products you'll never have to worry. Our formulations are battle tested and each and every batch of sealer is held to the highest quality standard.

Over the last 26 years our materials have earned a reputation for superior results, both domestically and internationally